Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Bill has a lot to answer for...

First of all, I'm new to this blogging malarkey. It's something that I've always wanted to do, but never really bothered before. I'm not a hugely regular user of this interweb thingy, due to only having a 56k modem, which bothers me immensely, especially because even my Dad has broadband. It eliminates looking at most of the pages that everyone is talking about (namely YouTube), unless you want to waste 30 minutes downloading a 30 second video. Although I did just that at the weekend after a friend of mine told me about a link he'd found on to the 10 worst TV pilot shows that never got made into a series. There's one which was called "Steel Justice" about a cop whose son is killed, and is reincarnated as a small robot dinosaur, who, when his father is in trouble, grows into a 6 foot dinosaur that breathes fire. It has to be seen to be believed.

Anyway, when I was invited to join this community blog, I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, I was so excited about getting started, that I didn't really think about what I was going to say. And then I remembered something I read in The Sun (which I am an avid reader of) on Saturday. The Sun can always be counted on for coming up with the most cheesy, cringe-inducing headlines possible. However, on Saturday, they reached a new level.

The story in question was about how the actor who played DI Burnside in The Bill has now gotten a job in Eastenders, and is about to be introduced as Pat Butcher's new love interest. The bye-line, wait for it, told how DI Burnside was joining the show in the hopes of making Pat "come quietly".

Am I the only one having nightmares about that? I hope not.

Disturbing? Most definitely.


  1. Very disturding and I haven't watched eastenders in years, But i'm sure she's still wearing mohair jumpers and jangly earrings!!!I think she was a prostitute at one men paying money for that, that's disgusting and disturbing!

  2. Cause, yeah, that woman does ANYTHING quietly.

  3. Yay for Chieftain's first ever blog posting!

    Boo for dial-up... Your daddy has broadband...

  4. Very good first post (cue applause) although the visuals of that have entered my head have made me feel rather ill, its like when you were younger and learnt all about the birds and the bees, and then realised you folks must have done that, it makes you violently ill for years, for some they are scarred for life.