Saturday, April 12, 2008

This has been around years so ye probably seen it before:

This site clearly works on curiosity. I've been tempted to open a credit card with minimum limit just to see if this actually does what it says on the tin. What makes it even funnier is the low key graphics, like only little effort has been put into it.

I think Jo should open a site like this to source the holiday fund.


  1. My god, it's like jumping in front of the train - hold me back!

    No, you can do the paypal button thing. Think, if our thousands of viewers donated a euro wach, I'd be laughing!

    I've often wondered if we could save the world that way - if enough people gave people who needed it a euro - minimal cost to themselves, but could mean thousands, millions to someone else? We could open businesses for people, pay for operations... it'd be great.

    Is there an obvious hole in my theory?

  2. There's a few sites that have been doing that for a long time. Click a button and the advertisers pay for to feed third world hunger etc.