Friday, June 29, 2007

The cure for boredom is curiosity……..

I have to start with a small apology. I’m kind of new to this blogging thing, I say kind of because I had one before. Took a good hour coming up with a name for it, registered, started with three posts in two days, was going really well and then I got bored, well not bored more unconvinced by the whole thing. I promised when I got the call from “they who must not be named” to post here that I would make the effort. Two days in and I’ve already encountered my first real lesson of blogging – if you start writing an article make sure you either post it or email it to yourself to post when you get home. As a result my promise of My Night In The Company Of Brendan Bowyer will not be fulfilled until Monday morning.

Instead an insight into how exciting my Friday afternoon is. It’s just gone 5.20pm, I’ve already been up for thirteen and a half hours, due back in work in one having last left the office three hours ago. If I’m lucky I might get home by midnight tonight. Rather than try and have a kip or relax like most normal people would, I’m in the middle of writing a work proposal which for whatever reason just doesn’t want to be waxed lyrical onto the page in front of me. The monotony has just been broken with news on the radio of the most bizarre of products ever to be released on the…you’ve guessed it American market.

Rap star Eve has been found guilty of DUI the dirty jezzabelle – as part of her punishment, along with paying a fine she’s to wear an ankle mounted alcohol detector. An ankle mounted alcohol detector I ask you. How does it work, does it measure for spillages down your trousers or determine by the amount of times she sits on the loo whether or not she’s had that fatal first p**s after a night on the Budweiser shandies? So intrigued was I by the product ,known officially as the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM I shit you not), that I gave it a quick Google. Am I the only one who thinks wrapping the device around a pint glass as advertising on the site somewhat takes away from the impact as a security/medical product?

I’m suddenly thinking that Jackie Healy Rae / John O’Donoghue translator might not have been that bad an idea….now where did I leave that patent?

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  1. Making us wait until Monday for the Brendan Bowyer isn't funny. At all.