Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Delivery for Ms. Wrangler"

As regular readers of my own blog know I'm lucky that I've managed to retain my interest in sexual congress with my husband even after three children and seventeen years of a relationship! This is in so some part due to my love of accessories, (I'm a big girl, we accessorise!) I don't do designer clothes (or they don't do me, I'm size 18), I don't have a designer buggy in one of a million colours, but I like to buy sex toys.......I admit it, I'm not ashamed, it's fun to dress up or try something new, bondage or PVC or some good vibrations!

Now this isn't some sad "Bitter Moon", type last effort at keeping the passion going, we've always been like this, my partner is as excited as I am when my packages arrive from the Internet site I have my credit account with ( yes that's right, I buy the with my personal account!). So, on Thursday when a package arrived we were delighted and that night we had a hugely enjoyable evening, then yesterday yet another package arrived. Now I ordered the vibrator because my rabbit had broken and it looked like a good substitute, oh how wrong I was!

Please look at the video, with the audio on and tell me if you could possibly get aroused!

The video is here, listed as Close Encounters of the Bedroom Kind


  1. Mrs. Wrangler you DAWWWWWG!

    (That comment's not very ME but it seemed appropriate here).


  2. I thought it was funny....I'm worried about you guys if you think it's sexy!!! :-}

  3. I'm speechless (and it takes ALOT to shock me!) But I will say fair play! (looks like it could be painful though)

  4. I'm so disturbed, only caught a split second before I just about managed to get it off the screen before everyone in my office feckin saw it, you're soooooo dead!!

  5. I've seen your puppets Fitzy.....puppets or sex dolls huh??? :-}

  6. Actually there are Burmese puppets in the foyer of the theatre with explicitly carved 'bits' underneath their clothes. I always get a bit nervous when i see kids messing with the puppets, they've cut the strings that used to make it go up, but still.. its a bit dodgy... For the record, MW, I have never dabbled in that kind of thing, even Team America was sacrilegious in my books (and yet incredibly funny!)

  7. Sure fitzy, you just don't remember, Buckfast can do strange things to a woman!!!