Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Does anyone know what this means?

Hello,This is my first blog ever so I hope it works! I don't really know what to write about so I thought I'd use this opportunity to try to find out the meaning of a phrase which was directed at me yesterday by a total randomer. Context is always good when trying to figure out the meaning to something so here's the story: I was sitting at the window seat towards the front of the No 189 bus as it inched its way in the traffic along Kilburn High Rd yesterday evening. The bus stopped outside Sainsbury's and a man who was blind boarded the bus, followed by an old man, I'd guess he was about 75-80. The first guy sat in the seat beside mine. The old man was making his way down the aisle. His face was knarled and he looked like he hadn't smiled once in the last 50 or so years. Nonetheless I decided that he probably needed a seat more than I did. I couldn't see behind me to check if there were free seats further down the bus so I looked at him and motioned that I could give him my seat if he needed it. I didn't want to move if he didn't need it cos I'd have to disturb the guy sitting on the outside seat. The aul guy shuffled along til he was level with my seat, twisted his shoulders and neck towards me (must have had arthritis or something cos his head didn't seem to turn independently of the rest of his body) and spat out the words 'If ye had any brains you'd be dead', then continued on down the bus. I'm not completely oblivious to tone and I did gather that this wasn't meant as a compliment but I don't actually know what it means and I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this phrase said to them and why?! I would also like to say that that is THE last time I will EVER offer a seat on a bus to an old person, they are bitter and twisted and have no respect for the youth of today. Grrr.


  1. Welcome on board... I haven't come across such expression – nevertheless you were right in spotting that he hasn’t smiled in 50 years - all there is he’s an old bitter bloke and his comment sounded like was directed to himself… as for you Fitzi –please don’t loose your faith in the good of human nature just because of an old bitter man… Stay good!

  2. Don't take any notice of the ignorant old git Fitzy and like Frank said stay good! You should stick to your guns, being polite and offering seats even if they are bitter old farts!

  3. I agree with everyone else...you do what you feel is right! Don't forget to offer seats to pregnant women, that's a HUGE plus when a man does it, versus another woman.

    And what is it with the old folk of today? They're so RUDE.

  4. Welcome to the blog club ;-)

    I've heard that expression lots of times and even used it myself. Its a sarcastic way of calling someone stupid.

    As the above said, dont take any notice. Its good to see people still have manners and are more than willing to offer their seats to the elder.

  5. As you hadn't risen from the seat but were gesticulating for him to sit down, he thought either (i) you believed you could fit two seeing persons and a blind man on a seat made for two, or (ii) that you were offering him a seat on your knee.

    Or he might have noticed that there were only three passengers on the bus, in which case your offer, though kind, was unappreciated.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere...

  6. I cant wait to be old enough to be a complete fucker :)

    come fitzy!! cool first post!

  7. I think you are just telling this story from your perspective! I bet you're leaving something out....Did you perhaps have a puppet of some sort about your person that the remark was directed at!!!!You are still mad!