Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Coming Out

Hi. My name is Polka Dot, and I'm addicted to liquorice allsorts.

I can tell you when it started. When I was still pregnant, I had a horrid pregnancy. Anything I could eat, I would, because I was eating so little that any nourishment was good (seriously. I lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks cause I wasn't able to eat, or if I could, it would make a return visit. I was sick every day of my pregnancy, starting the day after taking the test til the morning I gave birth.)

One night, along about 8 months, I looked at the partner and said "Honey. I need liquorice." The local newsagent (24 hours, bless!) was out of liquorice, so he bought me Sambuca. I did two shots, and it curbed the need. But it didn't go away. The next day, he bought me a bag of allsorts.

I had never had such a delicacy. Oh my. They were quite good. So good, that 7 months later, I still have 'em. And not in a good way...I mean at least a bag every 2 days. Oh yes. Oh heavens. They are SO good.

So I'm coming out of the (candy) closet. Just sayin'.


  1. For lack of a 12-step licorice recovery program, how about dividing it up into small portions, each in their own bag, and freeze them?

    Like a 10-pack of cigarettes or a one-bottle beer habit, it placates the urge while controlling excess?

    What about inventing licorette gum ?

  2. Point 1: who said I wanted to curb it? I was outed on national radio today, so I wanted to pre-empt the media frenzy. I'm a media whore, doncha know?

    Point 2: Isn't it all or nuthin?

    Point 3: /groan

  3. I love them too Polka, they are sooo tasty, which is your favorite? I like the ones like swiss rolls, or the brown and white sandwich ones!

  4. MW, YES YES YES!!! Or the battenburg ones...or the yellow/white/black ones! Oh lord, they're all good!!!

  5. Forget Liquorice Allsorts, ugh! DOLLY MIXTURES!! Used to love them back in the day. They are the only thing I miss as a veggie *SOB*

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  7. God I hate Liquorice, so much so that when (even at 35 years of age) I have a sherbet fountain I have to give the Liquorice stick to my wife god its horrible.