Thursday, June 14, 2007

My dog's a racist...

Saw a funny story in The Sun today about a Belgian factory owner who refused to even interview a coloured guy for a job,let alone hire him, because he claims his dog is a racist, and would most likely bite him.

Yeah, and my cat hates jews...

Am I the only one around here that doesn't watch Doctor Who?


  1. Nope I also have no idea what Atreus and Mr Pink are on about.

  2. Others don't watch Dr Who alright but none of them are very important. And their postings certainly aren't worth reading.

  3. I'm not watching Dr Who ...but the "zee photo of zee cat" made me laugh .. I'm still laughing... and again... now in tears !!!

  4. That Kitler site is classic. I frown on those people who find it racist, anyway, racism, along with terrorism and offensive are words that have been saturated into cynical oblivion by the dark side of political correctness that we live in.

  5. I also don't watch Dr Who, or haven't in 20 years, does that mean my postings are crap? I'm going to cry now.