Friday, June 15, 2007

Post Topics I considered and rejected this morning...

1. People who make me angry
2. Renditions
3. Why I think too much
4. The long term effect of free newspapers on people's awareness of current affairs
5. What is the story with Seamus Brennan?
6. If I wrote a post on rendition, would the American Govt read it?
7. The Things that annoy me about taxi drivers
8. Where is the taxi anyway?
9. How come taxis with Union stickers are ususally the worst?
10. How is it that the American Ambassasdor can sound so convincng and say nothing
11. What exactly will happen now the Greens are in power
12. The night I slept on a bench

All things being equal I should probably just have picked one and written it...

However, in the spirit of the Community of For Nine Pounds - I'll take suggestions and write one later on the topic most voted for in comments...

Yours etc, No.2


  1. Renditions, renditions! We want to know all about them and then miss you when you disappear suddenly to go on "holiday" to a Polish airfield.

  2. No.12 The night you slept on a bench

  3. 4. The long term effect of free newspapers on people's awareness of current affairs

    And please do compare and contrast the normal recycling habits of modern society in the face of free newspaper supply.

    Remember, the night before you post to the blog, check that you have the necessary equipment for the particular topic. Pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, mathematical instruments etc. should be kept in a case or box and put in your bag the night before. A mad search for these in the morning will not help your composure for the day you're posting.

  4. Night you slept on a bench.
    Why you think too much (that should be subtitled with something, trust me.)

  5. Yes yes the bench one for me too!


  6. Looks like the night on the bench is edging into the lead...

    I do take Atreus's point about the school essay type title of No. 4

    Sorry about that... Still, it would have been a cracking post...

  7. I'm still curious what you'd say for No 4 ... I tried to coat my comment with witty sarcasm. :)

  8. a bench sleeping post for me please!!