Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Now, I know that it's a favorite subject at Go Fug Yourself (you will always hear one of them saying "Stand up STRAIGHT!!!"), but I'm starting to understand why. I was watching a recorded episode of the Tonight Show (chat show from the US) with Jessica Alba. Lovely girl, very pretty, but my GOD does she slouch! It's not just her...we're all slouching. I have to keep reminding myself to sit up straight, and the husband too. I notice it on my friends as well.

Is it the computers? Cause we're chained to them, and the laptops are so NON ergonomic, and we're all slouching. I'm about to invest in a company that makes back braces, cause we're going to all be needing them as we get older!

I also think that it's part of the Hollywood culture, tho I don't know. But it's there. Our neighbor's daughter had to have back surgery, and because of this she has excellent posture, better than any dancers I know. And she stands out in her group of friends when they're walking, cause she's the one who seems...elegant? Together? Proper?

Or are we all just lazy shites?


  1. I find it often when I'm out walking that I realise I'm slouching quite badly. Hey presto and I'm half a foot taller!

  2. Polka, I got blisters from slouching!! ouch!

  3. being 6 foot 4 contributes to me slouching maybe because at school many many years ago I got jeered because of my height I now go around walking like a pigeon. I also slouch at work and know my back will be screwed in years to come but I find it the most comfortable way to work.

  4. The laptop---ohhhh, dear laptop, mmmm---is turning us into a new kind of life-form: a slouch potato.

  5. Looks like Damien and I were on the same idea...yesterday or so, he posted a link to here.