Monday, June 25, 2007

So many questions, so who cares?

A number of questions came up in my head over the weekend that are best illustrated by pictures.

Why, oh why, are 99% of men's shirts either white, blue or blue and white stripy. This is my dry cleaner on Saturday as some stuke (without a ticket, of course) tried to describe the exact shade of blue and type of stripe his shirt had to the poor girl behind the counter.

I have a couple, it's true, but I've always resisted them in favour of what friends have called "flamingly homosexual" shirts. There's a thin line between that and "big fat party animal" you know.

Why is there an enormous queue here, in the St Stephen's Green Centre, for the only pay toilets I know of in the city? Is it the old "well it costs more so it must be superior" deal? Do they sell heroin in there on Saturdays? Is Justin Timberlake in town early looking to be serviced in cubicle number 4? Who can tell.

And finally, how in the name of a good and wrathful God did I ever end up learning piano accordion here, in Nolan's School Of Music. For 2 years. It still looks the same today.

Answers on a comment box.


  1. You can play piano accordian!?! I was trying to play one of those in a warehouse at 5am last Sunday night/Monday morning! Unsuccessfully needless to say. You'll have to give us a bar or two at your next house party. Get practicin'!!

  2. Oh I long since sold it for magic beans.

  3. That's the only ladies loos in the damn shopping center...I don't know where the next nearest ones are! Pain in the ass, that place.

  4. how on earth do you copy a picture
    I have tried - no luck!