Monday, July 30, 2007

And now for something a little different...

It seems every month men's magazines countdown who their readers think are the hottest girls around (how many of this year's Big Brother contestants will be in the next list I wonder?).

But have you ever seen a similar countdown with male celebs? Well...

Recently a gay US magazine conducted a poll to find out which men their readers rated, so, in the name of fairness, ladies (and some gentlemen of For Nine Pounds) I give you the top five...

5. Taye Diggs (US actor, has appeared in "Rent", "Ally McBeal" and the movie "Go". Will be one of the main cast in the forthcoming "Grey's Anatomy spin off)

4. Gale Harold (have never heard of him, but apparently played the Stuart character in the US version of "Queer as Folk")

3. Daniel Craig (Bond. James Bond. 'Nuff said).

2. Chris Evans (no, not the DJ but the actor from "Fantastic Four" and "Sunshine"

And at number 1...

1. Jake Gyllenhaal (He of "Brokeback Mountain" and "Donnie Darko" fame)


  1. No mention of James Denton (Mike from Desperate Housewives) ??
    God January seems so far away

  2. This is off topic, but my mother in law (69) feekls that the name we've chosen for our son is a gay cowboy name, and she referenced Brokeback Mountain!.

    How worldly wise old catholic ladies are becoming!