Sunday, July 22, 2007

an bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí Wexford, ma ‘se do thoil e

Jesus its been 22 years since I learn't that phrase with one word changed, can any of you guess which one???

Well yesterday was my little ones first birthday and we held a party for family and very few friends, oh sweet jesus great and all as it was I ain't doing it ever again, my wife to be honest did all the work and did a fantastic job of it as well, so fair play P.

Anyhow since it took so much out of me im of on holidays and since this is my first time away as a family, my blogging will be null and void until Friday. I do hope I can be excused.

I am planning on lots of drinking, which will appeal to plenty of folk here, lots of sightseeing which will also appeal to some people here and plenty of sex which MW will enjoy reading about if I decide to do an exclusive tell all on Friday.

Anyhow with the new phone I may find a wifi hotspot without the missus knowing, and be able to log in to see whats going down, but in the meantime adios amigos see ya Friday.


  1. The only Irish phrase you can guarantee any I rish person will know - matter of survival...

  2. Enjoy the break, next Monday is my tearful depature! as for posting about your romantic adventures don't worry i'm more of an exhibitionist than a vouyer! you'll have many many more birthay parties. vodka shots are the key!

  3. For the non-Irish speakers, could someone translate that?

  4. it means do I have permission to go to Wexford please, but An Bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an do i have premission to go to the toilet please! You had to ask like that in school!