Monday, July 23, 2007


Last time I flew down the country on Aer Arann I had a unique experience. As I got onto the plane and saw that my allocated seat (13A) was already taken by, of all things, an air hostess. She, extremely politely, asked me if I'd take a different one as they needed that one. No problem says I so she put me up the very front in row 1, the one that faces everyone else.

Always up for a new experience I decided to see just what I could observe from the seat. It's not a view many people get in their lives, simple "tilt of the head" exercise though it may be.

Bet you didn't know that most people actually do watch the "in the event of an emergency put your head between your knees and kiss your arse goodbye" safety demonstration. I never do, probably because I've seen it dozens of times, most people do.

Also, people will do anything to avoid direct eye contact with the weirdo sitting at the front of the cabin taking notes in his small black notebook and trying to make eye contact with them. Hadn't expected that one. They all seemed so polite and friendly when it was a well groomed, attractive air hostess looking down at them, why were they treating me (unkempt, unshaven, slight air of crazy, hoodie, lack of coffee) any differently?


Also? Air hostesses touch up their make-up at the back of the cabin when you're not looking. Well, when you're not looking, not when I'm not looking. I saw all. Even the two people during the flight who went to use the toilet. At different times, nothing kinky like. Shame that. I feel like Woodward and Bernstein's bastard son.

It's Chinatown!


  1. I can see it now, you sitting there with a goofy smile, trying to engage a bunch of businessmen. :-) Just like your comment about the Aer Lingus lounge.

    All women try to touch up makeup when they think no one's looking (note, I say *think*...).

  2. No, I bet he wasn't smiling....if you smile people will engage with you! I am too lazy to wait until no one is looking to touch up my make up!

  3. SL - that sounds like great fun, seeing things from a different angle etc. I'd be the same as you, looking out for all insights.

  4. I so was smiling! When I smile I look a bit simple though, I'm not great at it.

    Polka, where are your polkas gone?

  5. no....he definately wasn't smiling...I know him too well. I on the other hand have a smile that says, talk to me if you are elderly, crazy or drunk...

  6. What do you mean, where did my dots go? /looks right EEEEEP!

    Damn computers. Off to find that pic again. Who the heck knows, this is a bad silicon week.