Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hot Wax and Fake Tan..

Here's a little story about my someone special.

She decided, as women do, to pamper herself a bit. First step was to apply some fake tan and after that it was time to wax the bikini line. Now I know nothing about hot wax shaving or instruments used but apparently you heat the wax and apply it with a roller thing on top of the bottle (like roll on deodorant). As she was so doing the top decided to fall off and she ended up with hot wax all over her privates, the floor and the bed. Now I would not be writing this if she was not ok, I am not a mean bastard.

So anyway, in pain and pretty freaked out she did the sensible thing and jumped into a cold shower. In so doing she of course got water on her fake tan.... So walking like a cowboy and looking a little bit like a splotchy Dalmatian of she went for her hair appointment. Her friend works in the salon so she was quite looking forward to being looked after, not only hair wise but pocket wise too.

The last time she went she got a full head of colour and full cut, treatment etc and was charged €126 (Women are mad spending this kind of money, but that's another post altogether). This time she got a half head of colour and a trim...

With an enormous apology from her friend she was told the bill was €126...

Apparently they had just installed a new epos system and could not change prices or apply discounts anymore...

Well that was my poor someone specials pampering day.

Maybe it is lifes way of letting her know she is already beautiful and does not need any of the crap that people seem to use or get done to improve herself.


  1. A beautiful illustration of why I don't wax, fake tan or get my hair coloured! Some things just aren't worth it.

    This is really funny, excuse the lack of link:

  2. that link is brilliant!! I laughed my ass of! A definite must see for all!

  3. I'm sure she is stunning just the way she is but you should be flattered that your other half still takes such care of her appearance, some partners (male and female) think once the relationship is established, weding bells, joint mortgage or baby, that they can just let themselves go. Hope she's ok, Aloe Vera (100% pure) gel is great for burns like that.