Monday, July 16, 2007

I am SO rock n' roll.

I now have a beautifully clean and tidy apartment! Hurrah! Well, mostly… the bathroom is still a bit of a kip, as is the spare room, oh yeah and the hall, but apart from those couple of small little rooms, its pristine! I know I will probably sound a wee bit “Monica” here, but I actually get depressed when my home is messy. As you can probably tell, once most of it is in order, I’m happy again. Lately things had really gotten out of hand; the hubby and myself have been very lazy. Well, lazy in the home that is. We are both incredibly busy in work these days, so when we get home from work its all we can do to make dinner and clean up afterwards. As a result our little home was a complete and utter pigsty. When it gets like that I just don’t know where to begin to get things back in order and it completely freaks me out. I feel like all is wrong with the world and that my life is completely out of control. My hubby will attest to this – he has had to put up with a week of tears and freak outs because of it! In my case a messy home definitely equals a messy head. I’ll admit that I find it incredible and somewhat ridiculous that something like this has such a terrible effect on me. I definitely need to have my surroundings in order before I can get my thoughts in order. I’m the same in work, I can’t get anything done unless I have my desk arranged in an orderly fashion. If its not organised my concentration goes out the window and all I can think about is the things that are out of place. I really need to learn to tidy up properly as I go. My current method is to have 1 great big clean up that takes 2 or 3 days, then not do anything for ages until the place gets completely out of control, follow this with a complete and utter meltdown, then start cleaning again. This is a vicious circle that I must break out of. I’m really trying to keep myself motivated. You know, reading this post back I’m thinking to myself “janey, I have little to be worrying about”, but the funny thing is, I actually have lots of the normal worries and little problems that need my time and attention, I just can’t concentrate on them until the cleaning is done. I shall don the marigolds and tackle the bathroom this evening – I promise!!


  1. I think It;s overwhelming sometimes, so I have to break it down into little tasks cos two hundred little tasks are easier to deal with than one huge one, and you get a sense of achievement as you slowly complete them.
    I have to confess I used to be very motivated to keep the house clean, before and after the first kiddle I managed to stay on top of everything, when number two joined us I still kept trying, until pregnant with number three, then I realised I had a choice to make I could have a lovely claen and tidy house and have no quality time with the kids never mind time to myself or I just had to settle for clean, but not tidy, and live with it!

  2. I have a little ADHD still going on in me, so I get the 10 little tasks become one big insurmountable one thing going on.

    Still haven't cut the grass after all these weeks.

    Shan is making me feel ashamed :-(

  3. I know how you feel. You feel so much better in your head when the house is sorted. I can't keep on top of it at all. I thought when I gave up work it would be easier but not so just yet!
    We moved from a house with 3 bathrooms to one with just one. More bathrooms = more cleaning. Good move on my part.