Sunday, July 08, 2007

If you were a knitting needle...

...where would you be? I have somehow managed to misplace one knitting needle. And I'm really frustrated because I'm all excited about my first serious knitting project since I was ten (pinky mauvy fluffy sleeveless cardigan!).
It's frustrating especially because I do this all the time - my attention is on nothing, I lose things the second I let them out of my hand. When I was a broody teenager (yes, I so was, I am amazed that I was able to hold off having a baby til my mid twenties) I had a sudden crisis when I realised with great certainty that the likelihood is that when I was a mother I would leave my baby somewhere, just like I lost every wallet and piece of jewellery, or large amount of cash I ever had. I would just let things go - I think I felt I didn't deserve them subconsciously.
The needle is just pissing me off though, what a random, silly thing to mislay. I really need to find a way to live life with intent a little more.


  1. Did you check in your shoes? Sometimes when I lose things I find them in my shoes...

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  3. Chieftan - I have no doubt your advice is well meaning - but - I'm wearing sandals at the mo...

    and what exactly have you found in your shoes over the years?

  4. I recommend going back to where you first thought it was. Always happens with me I search the obvious place and then spend a week looking everywhere else. I go back and find it where it was most likely to be.

  5. I left the baby at home one day when I was going to collect mt daughter from montessori, got to corner of road when I realised!

  6. It was probably the rigmarole of packing the bloody nappy bag, it's like an all consuming task isn't it?

    That's a scary one though.