Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here goes
1. I love 80's movies, music, clothes, etc, (hence my name)
2. There is a nudie (very tasteful, knees in front of boobs, nothing that is covered by underwear can be seen) photo of me knocking around somewhere. It was taken on hols and my partner was using it as a book mark and LOST IT!! I think he gave the book to a guy he works with.
3. I was bullied in school when I was 11. I cried every night and used to pretend I was sick going to school, I was sent to hospital for tests but they found nothing wrong!! I have told nobody this before and never talk about it.
4. I have had cosmetic surgery.
5. I lived on Koka noodles and milk when I was first separated as I was on a very tight shopping budget. I had to take out a credit union loan on 3 occasions to pay the mortgage.
6. I am a total foodie, I love cookery programmes especially the Saturday morning shows and I want Gordon Ramsey!
7. I know the grass isn't greener
8. I have a Doris Day box set


  1. I love Doris Day, I wanted to be her .....and marry Rock Hudson!!! seriously!