Sunday, July 15, 2007

Memory Lane

As everyone else has taken a trip I may as well. Recently I lost my Dad suddenly after a short stay in Hospital. I never got to tell him how great he was or how much I loved him but I think he knew. As a little girl my Dad took me every where and I knew more about domino's darts and cards than anyone else my age. Don't get me wrong it wasn't every day just on a Sunday and that was our time. As the youngest I lost out on the holidays to wexford and waterford the other three no longer would go by the time I arrived. So on a Sunday it was me and Dad. I would sit for hours in the Roadstone Club with my bottle of TK orange and King Pub crisps watching my hero play cards or domino's. He would buy me tickets for the raffle and if I didn't win I think he used to bribe someone who did. And my prize? A chicken or a bag of sausages rashers and pudding. But I walked 10ft tall with that brown paper bag under my arm. On the way home we would stop at the coconut and I could have what I wanted no matter what the cost. Needless to say I have my Dad to thank for my ample frame! My favourite treat was a mixture of wham bars whispas and candy pop corn. I loved the Drive on a Sunday and have a clear memory of being about 8 and sitting on Sandymount Strand in the rain with a disposable barbecue superquinn sausages batch bread and Dad. I got the phone call at 4.45am on Tuesday the 3rd of April and as I sat there alone with my Dad who had already died I though of all the wonderfull things he did, gave up, made better, or helped fix in my life and I couldn't imagine life with out him. But life has gone on with out Dad and all the tears in the world will not bring him back. You never expect to loose a parent but it happens to us all. It has made me think of my own mortality and how short life really is. Want to know how I comfort myself? At night instead of Cat in the hat or some fairy tale myself and my little 6 yr old talk laugh and cry about Dad and all the happy times he gave us. My son talks to him as if he is standing next to him and has used him a few times to try and get out of trouble "Grandad wouldn't like you to give out to me" But I want you all lucky enough to have your parents to appreciate them and tell them you love them no matter how lame it sounds or feels, or no matter how much they get up your nose or interfere cause you never know when the last time will be. The last words my Dad said to me was "will you bring me in a chicken sandwich tomorrow and don't tell your Mother" that was my Dad Paddy thinking of his Stomach. :)


  1. You are so lucky to have had such a lovely daddy, and he'll always be in your heart, you are so brave and you've been through so much in your life that I know he was proud of him. You are an amazing daughter and your dad knew how much you cared cos you took such good care of him!

  2. I am so very sorry at the loss of your Dad he obviously was such a wonderful man. I have never met your Dad but obviously he loved you and your son dearly. All we can hold on to are the precious memories and wise words look after our parents while we have them. I've been crying reading your lovely post. xx

    Love PiP