Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Ranting

Why do some people have to take themselves so seriously? I understand that we have to be serious some of the time, but c’mon - not everything we say has to be filled to the brim with profundity! Its okay to be silly, to sing a silly song or talk complete rubbish when drunk (or not drunk for that matter). Sometimes we really care far too much what other people think of us. Sometimes I feel like Im constantly being judged. That if my hair/make-up/clothes aren’t perfect that everyone will be looking at me. I have to remind myself how often it is that I think less of someone purely based on the way they have turned themselves out, e.g. not very often! When I think of things this way it occurs to me that if we aren’t constantly judging others, then who is to say that we are constantly being judged? It probably doesn’t happen half as much as we think. Even if it does, we really shouldn’t care all that much anyways. If Im a good person, doing my best to live a good life, which brings value to myself and others, then really, who cares if Im not “perfect”….? Funny to think that this whole rant has been brought about by hearing a fecking Natasha Bedingfield song. God she drives me absolutely crackers! Why oh why must she try to be so blooming deep all the time. Its so completely contrived and not genuine at all! I hate to say it, but she could learn a thing or two from, oh I don’t know, they cheeky girls? Ok, I know they are crap, but at least they know they’re not the flipping Rembrandt of the music world… I wish Natasha Bedingfield knew at least that much about herself. I just wish she would stop taking herself so bloody seriously, try and have a bit of fun for goodness sake. She’s like a female Sting. She’ll be playing the lute next!


  1. It has occurred to me that Im being somewhat hypocritical, seeing as Im judging the hell out of Natasha Bedingfield, but I have decided that she has brought it on herself!

  2. Mossie, she has brought it on herself. If I have to her the sound of babies popping out at the end of "I Wanna Have Your..." one more time I may take my random wish of personal violence on her further. Maybe arrange a pie ambush or something.