Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Return of an Idiot..

Where the hell do I start......

What a couple of weeks. So the sale went very well, commercially speaking that is... As for my mind body and soul? I am still recovering so am not sure.

The sale started on Thursday 21st June. Wednesday saw us leaving the store at about 10:30pm. Already wrecked from pricing everything and getting as much stock to the floor as we could. Thursday I started at 8am and the madness began.....

Holy shit the transformation of slightly annoying customers to complete head cases was immediate, the disregard for staff, product and each other was amazing to watch. So the day carried on all the way to close at 10pm. So then we had to tidy up after the pigs..... I left at 12:30am. Slept. Back in at 8am.

This carried on untill my first day off which was Wednesday!!! Oh how my bed was screaming for me to stay there all day, but no..... I had to go to a wedding in Enniskerry. Now don't get me wrong it was a great day and fun was had by all but my body was just a complete mess. So we get to today and it is my first real day off in what seems an eternity. Without the adrenaline rush of sale or weddings I am in essence bolloxed... Now that my body has the chance to relax it is taking that chance very seriously. I am off again tomorrow so am hopeful of being back to normal by Tuesday :)

So anyway, I am back again and will try to catch up with all the posts I have missed. Hello to the new people posting! Can't believe how many posts are already done here. I would love to hear about anybodys sale experiences, the customer perspectives are always fun :)


  1. I got a gorgeous top in Oasis for €14, reduced from about €60 something! That was my very pleasant sale experience! What shop are you in (sorry if it was in an earlier post, I haven't got through them all, no internet all weekend!)?

  2. 130 posts in less than 30 days. Madness, eh? Managed one day in retail. Once. Actually half a day in retail. I quit at lunchtime. So I feel your pain and am completely impressed that at the first possible opportunity you're back here with the crew.... Em, gang. Er, cult? Have to work on that one.

  3. I feel your pain; I had the "pleasure" of working in six sales in Arnotts. The one thing more than any other that really pissed me off was the uniquely Irish occurrence of having the first two customers to the till on the first day of the Xmas sale come looking for refunds. What’s that all about?

  4. I work for Zara Aquaasho and tiberius you are completely right!! what happens is you get chancing bastards come in on the first day of sale to return what they bought the previous day and rebuy at the cheaper price... As for what to cal this "Group"?? hmmm new post time :)

  5. I hate sales, I like when i stumble across one and get a bargain but I can never do the getting up at four am! I can't imagine what crap I'd buy!!!

  6. As someone who also works in retail, it still amazes me how rude some people can be. Young people are accused of not treating their elders with respect but in my experience alot of the older generation don't deserve it. Generally I'm the manager they call if there's a particularly grumpy/rude/akward customer to deal with because I ignore all the crap and won't give in.