Sunday, July 01, 2007


Bear with me while I experiment with adding images etc.

Anyway, semi-related is my topic for the day, techno-limits. I discovered some years back there's a continuum to all things in life, and for me I'm begining to reach my no-more point on the technology continuum. I find web 2.0 demands and wins far too much of my time. But it all started with the evil that is ipod and creative. For all the people who think they are the best thing since sliced bread I demand to differ. The 2 step formula of insert & play that has worked so well on all media up to now is a million times more user friendly, time friendly, resource friendly etc than digital music. There's also the material end, digital music will never be truly marketable, it can't be gifted. I also don't like the control buttons on ipod/creative. I think if size and portability are so important, they should market albums in formats like the various mini disks you see in digital cameras (I also have a rant about cameras but that's for another day and related to being a left-hand fascist) and go back to days of easy access music.

Rant-over.......for now...

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