Monday, July 02, 2007

What the hell are we??

Someone Living hit on something in a comment today. What do you call this group? Are we a commune, a cult, a group..

Well we need to come up with a term that best describes this "group". I have come up with a couple and want at least one from everyone in the "group"..

1: The Pounders........ Hehe it has some innuendo and everything.
2: Forty niners........ For Nine, well I think its obvious.
3: Gloggers.......... Group Bloggers

So there we go, I expect to see some from everyone and I will do a post of them all and collect votes.

Tip of the day: Don't eat a Meateor pizza from Dominos at 11:30 pm. Your dreams get very strange and the smell of fart when you wake up is disgusting.


  1. Well, whatever and whoever you are, you know you're on a slippery slope when that old existential angst sets in. Even more so when it becomes a group thing.

    The next step for bloggers who reach the who-am-I phase, is to start blogging about blogging, and that really is the end of the road.

  2. A co-op?

    We are getting paid for this aren't me....?

  3. Relay-diarists? Though that does imply some urgency, I suppose.

    I prefer Groggers to Gloggers.

  4. A collective. That's all I can think of. :-)

  5. Have had a bit longer to think about this. You are all wordsmiths in the blog mines of the SL Empire. That is all.

    PS Am amazed no-one's asked the origin of the blog name yet...

  6. SL - Omg that's so true, I've always wondered what's the story with the name but never thought to ask. So SL - where does 9 pounds come from??????

    Idiot - I like wordsmith of the mine, or family, or collective.

  7. Well - I think we could be the "BANKERS" since we are blogging under the money symbol.. or playing further with the term we could be "ROBBERS" "GANGSTERS" "DEALERS" sorry got lost ..
    Still SL - I am soooo curious where the name comes from????

  8. Think you will find SL I asked that question one day while you were earning money for a gig I got you, still waiting on my 20%