Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why is FAT a three letter word?

Say if you haven't met me before, what do you expect? You've read my posts here, a bit crazy, a bit sexy, who do you imagine?A little sexy svelte minx? No way guys!And the people who know me are thinking of a nice cuddly woman who is a great mummy and very "normal"!I'm a size 18 woman, who is fighting the righteous fight, I want it to be OK to be big and sexy! I think it's okay to be big and sexy! It's after one on a Friday night, and my lovely husband is out tonight, I've been surfing the net tonight, looking up "Fat Acceptance" and "BBW", I came up with some interesting things, some you tubes videos of happy fat women and some unhappy fat women!

What do you think of fat people? If you met a nice guy or girl and they were carrying a little bit of extra weight, would you turn them away? Would they be off your list of suitable dates, maybe someone who liked the same things you liked, the same TV programmes? the same music.....or maybe different music? Maybe different TV programmes?

I know I come from undertakers, it's in my blood, and on a personal level I've had too many people close to me die. But I do honestly believe that life as we know it is incredibly short.. we need to enjoy ourselves, enjoy food, drink , sex and our wonderful bodies, be they size 6 or size 16....

I am, really a base human being....I am eat, drink's fairly animal! I love my life, I love all the people in my life, I love sharing food with them, there is nothing nicer than making a big pot of chili or pasta to feed the crowd! But I will admit doesn't make me a bad person, but I have to say is love! As a child, as long as I can remember my maternal Nana, who minded me (mum worked until my brother was born.....I was three) baked, cakes, homemade bread and yummy sweets, was my ideal of love!

So as a result, my idea of love is all those yummy treats.... when I eat a freshly baked cookie or cup cake I am reminded of her love for us, homemade bread makes me feel all warm inside! It's happiness, it's family, having a lovely meal with the people I love makes me feel happy and loved.

If I offend you with my opinion about my life I apologise, do you think that "big" people shouldn't have love or amazing sex lives? But we do.....sometimes.

I am an amazing person, I am sexy, interesting and fun, and I am so not ashamed of that, I just want other women who are not as lucky as me to embrace their womanhood, enjoy it!


  1. hi,
    i dont know what's your name...........but i touched to whatever you wrote there........ i myself is size 18 female and for me and my family life is wonderful....... i have great husband who is also my best friend and great sex life......... yes its true.....people not in india but all over the world is same..

    if you are fat they will not give a second glance....... in indai people tease and they make faces...

    i feel bad but now its part of my life....i am good if my family is good do.......

    that's about,

    i can understand from what you have gone through.......

    but my friend, just remember this:

    " to be sexiest woman, you dont have to be skinned"

    this what i belived and i will keep on believeing.

    Bye Take Care

  2. im a BBBW, size 26
    im sexy, i love sex, im a single bisexual SW
    live in Mexico and have a great time with all my friends and family.
    Baby, just try to have fun, live, enjoy, be you and accept that YOU ARE SEXY
    when you do, you feel sexier than ever

    love your self