Sunday, August 26, 2007

All rise for the national anthem

Alright then bloggerinos. No more Banana Phone. I have a new anthem for our online nation. It's less irritating. Swear. On your mother.


  1. What gotcha, the macarena or the chipmunks?

    I used to watch the chipmunks, find them endearing. I've always been to nervous/self conscious to do the helium balloon thing though.

  2. Jesus christ SL you really need to get out more, I liked the chipmunks until I saw this video, now I want to shoot the feckin vermin.

  3. SL - I dismiss your video on different grounds, having wasted years on you-tube, the lowest of the low is the still frame montage. Watching video footage montage with cheesy song is bad enough (which I have already admitted to doing in the case of CSI Miami), but still frame montage?? All its missing is red italicised text, a few love hearts and long end credits.

  4. Did you know that they're releasing a live action "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie this year ala Scooby Doo? Scary!