Wednesday, August 01, 2007

And Now For Something A Little Different... The 100 Hottest Guys In Full

Pics: The Second Hottest Man on the list Chris Evans and 'specially for PiP, James Denton from "Desperate Housewives"

Something of a lazy post this time round (it is summer holiday time!) so for those who requested it (and admittedly the request was by text and not a comment to the original post), here is the Top 20 Hottest Men as voted for by the readers of gay magazine "Out"... (A word of warning, some of the entries are rather obscure!)

20. Heath Ledger ("Brokeback Mountain", the Joker in the forthcoming "Batman" sequel)

19. Justin Timberlake

18. Ian Somerhalder (Boone in "Lost")

17. Gael Garcia Bernal (Mexican actor)

16. Mario Lopez (was in "Saved By The Bell)

15. Patrick Wilson (nope, I've no idea who he is either)

14. Robert Gant (ditto)

13. Christopher Meloni

12. Brad Pitt

11. Christian Bale

10. John Barrowman (Captain Jack in "Doctor Who" and judge on "Any Dream Will D0")

09. Ryan Phillipe ("Cruel Intentions", "Crash")

08. TR Knight (George in "Grey's Anatomy")

07. Hugh Jackman

06. Ryan Reynolds

05. Taye Diggs

04. Gale Harold

03. Daniel Craig

02. Chris Evans

01. Jake Gyllenhall

I've double checked Pretty in Pink but I'm afraid James Denton doesn't make the list. Hope you enjoy the pic instead! :-p


  1. It may be a lazy post Pinky but at least it's a post :)

  2. Can't believe James Denton didn't make it. but thanks for my fix. I am astounded that somebody from saved by the bell made it though. Pretty boys humph. I kinda like them a bit mucky!!!! yep I have been at the red wine

  3. If you don't know who Patrick Wilson is, rent the movie Little Children.

    I can't believe James Denton didn't make the list either. But then I'm a female, so my taste doesn't jibe with the list's. Here's my list:

    Owen Wilson
    James Spader
    Patrick Wilson
    Hugh Grant
    Hugh Laurie
    Matthew McConnaughey

  4. The curious may find a little more (i.e. pictures, etc.) on Patrick Wilson at:

    and Robert Gant (from Queer as Folk) at:

    No complaints here about Jake and Chris being 1st and 2nd! :)

  5. Is this not more a list of good looking men for gay men as opposed to for women..

  6. Is there a difference Milan? Admittedly, my personal top 10 would be a little different.