Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16th Notes

I'm another in the line of bloggers who must apologise for lack of posts. I've been in blogger rehab Wexford and couldn't be arsed had no internet. So before today is out I wanted to post about random things of note about today:

August 16th
1. It would have been my mother's 77th birthday but she died nearly 9 years ago.
2. It's the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis.
3. I got my Leaving Cert results this day 17 years ago.
4. I discovered today that if you buy shirts in packs rather than on hangers, you have to iron them. All 9 of them. Before they can be worn.
5. It's feck all shopping days left to Christmas. (131 actually).
6. And Myleene Klass had a baby girl...awwwwwwwwww.


  1. When is it acceptable to start the aul Xmas shopping? Bar the stuff I bought the aul one in the Jan sales?

  2. Nuttin' wrong with starting early, especially if you want to avoid a big 'hit' in December!

  3. I always fuck this up and spend all my money on the last payday before christmas..This year will be different..Any pre christmas shoppers please give some help to those that cant be arsed..

  4. my mum is 64 today....and @I know of two other people who have birthdays today! I wish I could do my shopping early as I hate the crowds....but i'm crap, I forget what I bought for who and then I buy too much!

  5. I spend so much - so if you're like me, starting early is dangerous...

    Mylene Klass is very cute, I wish her well!

    My MIL is 69 tomorrow!

  6. Early chrimbo shopping is for other people. I'm a last-minuter and proud.

    I finished my masters on 16th 3 years ago, got up mad early to get theses bound, and pile of us went to see the 10am showing of Bourne Supremacy and then went of the raz for the day/night. Ah the memories.

  7. I feel so outnumbered! I'm an early shopper..actually, I shop all year for people, and tuck things away. And I even keep track of it on a list, so I know what I still need and who I need to buy for. It really makes it easier for those of us who have family overseas. Like now, before our flight home in 2 weeks (oh gods, it's 1.5 weeks IHAVESOMUCHTODO!), I have a box upstairs to head to my sister and her two kids, my stepfather's birthday present, my 3 aunt-in-law Christmas presents, 3 friends in Ireland can go on and on.

    But this points back ot my earlier post of I Give Good Gift (or whatever that was)...I really try to make the gift fit the person, without them telling me what they want. I keep an eye out all year, and find the right thing for the right time.

    And MW, I bet you did give away all that stuff that you said were going ot be Christmas presents!! :-D

  8. You know what I think we should have a 49£ kris kindle this year. SL as overlord could organise it, SL gives out the names, we get gift according the blog character you've got to know, and send to SL who will pass them on - or have a gathering for kk pressies. maybe...