Friday, August 17, 2007

Confession time

I haven't eaten a kit-kat since I got the Beijing Flu in November 1993. Was almost tempted the other day when I saw a new mint version, but not really, kit-kat and me are well over.


  1. They've tried to "mint" a few classics and it works sometimes. The mint version of Munchies don't though; I think they're After Eight munchies.
    After Eights = Super.
    Munchies = Super.
    After Eights + Munchies = Not great at all.

  2. Am I a freak, I hate both mint and chocolate? Really detest them like, can't even imagine eating either of them.....the idea of them combined just makes me want to shower.

    My idea of hell is being in a HB factory and falling into a vat of mint choc chip mix. It wakes me up in the middle of night.

    Abuse on a postcard please...

  3. I don't like chocolate-orange, if that helps at all...

    What's the connection between the flu and kitkats?

    IT's good to boycott Nestle products stil, though. Have you noticed how they bought all the good chocolate? Yorkies haven't had that special Yorkie taste really since...

  4. Are we not meant to be already boycotting them for selling milk to African babies or something unethical like that?

  5. That's what I meant - it would seem a bit shallow to boycott them just for wrecking the Yorkie :)

  6. Have to say, with the Nestle boycott, I always find it a bit liberal-arrogant that marketing baby milk to developing world women is bad but its not a problem that the same marketing turned western women away from breast feeding decades before. To me it is patronising the mentality of women in developing world, they have little enough choice in life as it is without liberals denying them the ability to choose consumables.

    Tiberius - are you saying you don't like chocolate????? I don't understand.

  7. Milan, it's a bit different from that...Nestle gives the mothers (in violation of WHO codes) free powdered formula. Just enough to have the baby use it til the mother's milk dries up, and then the mothers have no choice but to use the formula. Most of the time, the bottles are made using dirty, disease infected water, which causes much illness and death among babies there.

    So they calculate it to be just enough for there to be no other option. It's just beyond unethical.

    As for western women, well...I still don't understand why people use formula in the first place, really. They still don't know all the components of breastmilk, so there's no way that stuff can be as good!

  8. I admit there seems to be more to the Nestle thing than meets the eye. Don't know if it's enough to stop me eating former Rowntree products and catch bars. Catch it if you can.

  9. Ach sure aren't all multinational companies evil?

    People use formula for loads of reasons Polka. Some women just don't take to breastfeeding for any one of a dozen reasons and I know bottle feeding my little ones allowed me to take some of the brunt and feel closer to them.

    Tib, we've known each other for a long time but you don't like chocolate? Man.

    Jo, wrecking the Yorkie would be enough reason to take to a company's HQ with burning torches.