Friday, August 03, 2007


Right now, we're dealing with the LittleBoy's fears. Somehow, someway, he has gotten it into his head that deer are evil. That they will do something bad, either to him or us, and perhaps even come in the house. I don't know how this started (maybe on a recent hike, or maybe when a friend saw some deer by our garage), but I honestly have no idea how to deal with it. He's terrified to be alone at night or during the day, to the point that he won't go up to his room to change into his bathing suit.

It's horribly frustrating, since I remember my parent's reactions to my fears and I don't want to repeat that with him. But at the same time, it's. a. DEER. Cute, almost cuddly, big doe eyed deer. I know, I know, it's not rational...I am terrified of spiders, and what's the worst that one will do to me (although the one I saw yesterday, it was the size of a f'ing tarantula, it was huge. Atreus had to take it outside for me, and I thought he'd need a bucket instead of a glass)? But deer run the hell away from you!

Right now, we're trying something that a friend recommended. I told him that we sprayed the whole perimeter of the lawn and house with deer repellent spray, that they don't like the smell and will stay away. I need to pick up some essential oil (something good and strong...clary sage?) when we take Miss MW off-island tomorrow to show her the towns nearby, and I can put that in a sprayer with water and spray it around. That's my last chance parents have said they'll take him on a walk through their woods (until recently populated by deer, but hunting on the island have lowered the numbers) to try to remove that fear. At the same time, I'd rather they didn't, since mom is not the most sympathetic about things (even tho she has a deathly fear of snakes, to the point where you cannot say the word near her or she might faint).

Ah. Parenthood. /groan


  1. This may seem like a stupid idea, but have you tried showing him non threatening deer?

    I'm thinking Bambi etc?

    If he could get to like deer in cuddly animated form then maybe real deer wouldnt be so scary?

  2. Hey C No 2 :) Thought you were a figment of my imagination! Maybe deer aren't the problem. Maybe he's afraid of or going through something else and using deer as the focus?

    It does seem a bit irrational, even for a little one, to think deer might get him or you upstairs in your house.

  3. I don't konw what to do but I think conformist no.2's idea is good.

  4. Can he explain why he thinks deer are threatening? Do you think someone told him something silly that freaked him out?

    I'd go for lavender spray - clary sage smells so horrible! And the lavender would calm him too.