Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hell is full of musical amateurs.

(George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950)

Abominable Snowman honoured to headline Slane 08

I often go through periods of worrying about the sanity and quality of life of my future, yet even considered offspring. The cause isn't any strain of DNA that skips a generation or the manic depression that seems to afflict the mother in law everytime someone mentions what summer evenings used to be like when The Riordans were on, and she'd wonder if Benjy would ever stick the head on the mother for her constant bickering. No I'm already worrying about the narky aul fucker that I'm destined to turn into. I can see it manifest itself in me from time to time. The lastest catalyst - Slane and what it's destined to become.

I was up in Henry's backyard on Saturday. I'm not even that big a Stones' fan but couldn't miss out on the possibility of seeing living legends live in the best natural amphitheatre you'll find anywhere in the world. I have a habit of going to see artists like that despite the fact that I'm far too young to remember their height. I was raised on a diet of C&W on one of those old tube radios that took ages to heat up so I can't even claim to be someone who knows the words to every song on Beggars Banquet cos it's been drilled into them since their first trimester in the womb. I just admire proper groups and take every chance to see them live. The Stones in The Point in 2003, Dylan in 05, Bruce Springsteen & The ESB in the RDS, The Eagles in Lansdowne Road, the list goes on. I think I've a responsibility to educate myself to these acts and their legacy.

Slane is quite an important place for me - from experiencing Oasis for the first time in 95 when they supported REM. (If you hate Oasis you might be heartened to hear that they fucked off after Liam got the smack of a brick). I've been at every Slane since then - The Verve in 94 which the Manics stole as support, Robbie Williams (good spectacle, shite artist), Bryan Adams (I was trying to impress a mot), U2 1 with the emotion of Bono burying his father 24hrs before hand, U2 2 after seeing Ireland beat Holland at Lansdowne Road, Stereophonics (shite), RHCP (landed from Oz at 1pm, was in Slane by 7), I even went to, God help my soul, Madonna. It's a special place, more than just a gig, it's a tradition. The last big day out of the summer, a pilgrimage with your mates, whatever you want.

Was thinking on the way home about who around today might be the iconic artist that I'll be Slaning it to in year's to come. Was debating it with people in work yesterday, who that's on the go would you pay to see in 20 years? I couldn't think of one artist. Someone like Green Day perhaps? I don't believe LHM with his promise that it will always be a credible act (Madonna anyone) when the reality is that the upkeep of his estate rests on getting the readies in. If the social services were proactive in their work I'll have me kids taken off me at birth for the abuse I'll rain down on them when they're going to see shite acts in the future. You've heard it here first folks, Slane 2020 - "Britney - The Divorce Settlement Tour", Rihanna "You Still Need Those Umbrellas ellas ellas ellas Tour" 2025 and Hanson "We're Still MMMBopping 30 Years On" tour of 2027.

I can see it now........

Ranting Old Tiberius

"Back in my day we had real rock stars - Keith Richards even snorted his old man's ashes once"

Octavian III

"Who's Keith Richards?"

Please let a bus hit me soon......


  1. Tiberius, I'm jealous that you got to see U2 both times they played Slane in 2001. I went the first time and it was my only time at Slane. U2 are my favourite live band and my favourite live song of theirs is Streets have No Name. It was a total classic that night in Slane with the 2 minute intro and everyone going mad.

  2. Tiberius, a valid question. Who now will we be paying to see in even 20 years time? Do they really not make them like they used to or are we not long sighted enough to see who will still be around?

  3. Rock on dude! You'll always be "young" in my eyes!