Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It seems the holiday season is continuing at 4 Nine Pounds...

Our staff of eminently capable writers are scattered across the globe and the blog is alone and unloved...

I have a suggestion, that will draw a frown of disapproval - and possibly some kind of unpleasant punishment involving the lima bean fields...

So, before we start - bookmark this page... Go on, add us to your favourites - that way you can always come back if you like what you saw...

Ok? All done?

Now, look at the toolbar at the top of Blogger...

See where it says "Next Blog" - click it...

Go on... click it, we'll wait here

I just did it and it took me to a blog called Salem News Spot - It's pretty much articles about Salem, Massachussets... That's it... That is the whole idea...

Next time, it took me to a Spanish blog - for Hongo comics...

It is an amazing insane lottery of other people's thoughts and ideas...

It is the most fascinating random way of peering into other people's lives I've ever seen...

Try it now... Go on...

Oh and two things

1) Don't forget to come back

2) Tell me in the comments where you went

C No. 2



    I got this. Didn't stick around to read it though....

    Just back from hols for a day or two and a lot has changed around here....

  2. "Mujeres tapan los baches del camino." Ah the irony after the cackling Romance students rant. The next post was about Picasso and an airport. I don't know if this is Spanish or Portuguese but I couldn't read it so I didn't bother. That's funny though. Well spotted C#2

  3. Fascinating. I ended up here:

    It appears to be written entirely in Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Not hugely good at the subtle differences. There are some pictures, some of drum majorettes, some of kittens, one of Charlie Brown. Shame that.

    This all disappointed me so I tried again:

    Photos of kids in Swedish

    This one's in Greek

    This one's Turkish

    A site about Harry Potter in Spanish. Hmm.

    Being the persistent fucker I am I decided to press on looking for something, ANYTHING in English.



    Nope (hating C No 2 at this stage)


    No, NO!!!!!!

    YES!!!!!!!! It appears to be a series of sketches of fat men riding tiny scooters and is well worth a look. Finally out of the loop *sighs*

  4. I had another go and quickly came across (in a non-homo-erotic way) this blog:


    SL - vivid green. interesting.

  5. Wow. Look what I got:

    Do you think the blog we receive holds any meaning, like the tarot?

    If it does, I'd be mildly alarmed by fat men on mopeds...