Tuesday, August 07, 2007


That was my flight leaving Logan Airport in Boston last night. I arrived after a bumpy ride in my little corner of the world at six this morning....still haven't slept, 36 odd hours now! I came home to a quiet house, and I was just dropping off at 7.30 when my kids woke me!
Next few days are gonna be family time, I'll blog again in a few days! Life sure didn't stop when I was away! Thanks for all the wishes and texts!
I still haven't decided if it was the right time, or the right thing, but it was something!


  1. Welcome home mrs. Novelty is under rated. Doing things for novelty sake is always worth while, whether they turn out to be positive or not.

  2. Novelty is extremely underrated Milan. Particularly when it comes to cookie jars and shoes.