Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hoochie Mama!

Just a quickie, my daughter will be four in December, she's a typical little girl, loves pink, frills and pigtails! She plays with her pixel chick and Polly pocket, her favorite stories are the Curious George stories from about 60 years ago! She also loves music, from nursery rhymes to Bosco songs, she also appreciates modern music and her brother who is nine and a half shares his music collection with her!

So it's nothing unusual to hear the Kooks or the Artic (or atomic, as I called them last week)Monkeys blaring out of her room when her friend has called over, more recently Amy Winehouse's album has become a favorite and she is singing away to album tracks....(I know not really someone you'd want your daughter to emulate)!

But last week it reached another level, on a Sunday morning while myself and the hubby tried to catch an extra ten minutes in bed as the baby had a cat nap, the souly voice of Amy Wnehouse singing about love, tequila and how all men are bastards was replaced by the opening yodel of the Gwen Stefani song "Wind it up", It was uber loud and I went in to turn it down, my little angel wasn't where I expected her to be, lying on her tummy on the floor surrounded by my littlest pet shop she was standing on her bed gyrating like a hoochie mama! I swear to God, I was speechless! Do you like my dance mama? What could I say? How did you learn to dance like that? I've never seen the video to that song! Has my husband been watching FHM hits or something? Or worse, my nine and a half year old son?


  1. Sounds like a perfectly balanced young lady to me. Better to be Winding It Up than begging to go to Westlife any day.

  2. He he! My eldest son's first two gigs were westlife in the round and Ronan Keating!!!! Arghhhh!

  3. Great to have kids with spirit! Sounds just like her own Mama!