Friday, August 24, 2007

I love picnics....

We spent Tuesday afternoon having a picnic in Dun Laoghaire Park listening to music in the open air, enjoying the sunshine and feeling great about life! Wow when the weather's good, Dublin's a great place! The music was part of the DLR events of lunchtime concerts. Tomorrow we plan to check out the Festival of World Cultures which is happening in the same area. The difficult bit for me is finding my way there. While I am a southsider I'm useless on the east coast! (Took about an hour to get from Rathfarnham to Dun Laoghaire on Tuesday!)
Now fingers crossed when I hit PUBLISH that this shows up cos it's not working on my own blog and I haven't blogged in ages over there and it just won't publish! Here goes....


  1. Looks like it worked as far as I can see. Don't think I'll make the festival but let's hope the weather holds up.

  2. It's meant to stay nice - we're doing the Beach - we haven' been out to a proper beach in Wicklow this year - my husband doesn't like the beach, too hot too sandy, and other such shite - nor does he like the snow or doing anything in particular. Little did I know when I met the long haired, 21 year old guitarist, that he was really a middle aged whingy man in disguise.

    Still, I decree that he must do his beachly duty at least one a year!

  3. I'm hoping weather will hold up too, I've promised a trip to Wicklow for a picnic on Sunday.....I love a picnic, as a child my parents loved them, we'd bring the stove, it would be a fry or a pot of stew....yummy

  4. The park there is lovely for the market on a Sunday, particularly if it's cold, you can grab some loaded apple juice and the fine produce of the Lebanese guy who sells some of the best falafel in this part of the world.

  5. The apple juice is nice...but the crepes! THE CREPES!