Sunday, August 05, 2007

Irish Abroad

Okay's not my own computer, so I have no fecking idea how to put a picture in here! I am gonna do a post when I get back that is totally fecking curses....only uneducated people here curse so I've had to watch myself... and I'm staying with friends who are amazing parents, so I can't curse in front of them and their kids!

So, you all want to know how I'm getting on....? Truth? I'm delighted to see my friends and their kids, it's lovely in fact to chat away about kids and Dublin and stuff. But oh Fuck it I miss home... I miss my lovely kids, I miss my lovely husband, I miss my little untidy house, I miss the friends I forget to call, I miss fucking Dundum town shopping centre!

Let me explain a little to you about island living in is so amazingly beautiful, imagine Connemara with no rain cloud on the horizon...sun, lots of sun and instead of a Cead Mile Failte , Have a nice day!

No mobile phone coverage, have to go to the mainland for that, no restaurants, no pubs, a couple of markets.....a snack shack....that's it! I can't text or call my friends, it's almost like travelling back in time! I'm writing in a journal, which is so not the same as blogging no matter what you think!

Anyway went to the island market today and bought the ingredients to cook dinner for my friends tomorrow. Beef in Guinness and dumplings with herbs and mashed potatoes! So I bought a six bottle pack of Guinness....but it's brewed in Canada! So I've had two bottles of Canadian Guinness and I'm homesick! It's crazy how a little taste of home makes you feel better!

I can't wait to get home to my family, I can't wait to see their faces again, I've found it so hard not seeing them and kissing their little heads every night before bed! So I'm in at 5.30 am in Dublin on Tuesday morning, then it's home and I'm sure I'll wake them all at seven! hopefully out for a yummy Irish breakfast...what's the story with Lucky Charms?

I'll post more when I get home, thanks for all the good wishes, Hershey kisses for everyone when I get back!


  1. It's racial memory. My BIL went to work in the States for three months - to set up a new plant for the company he works for, not due to unemployment.

    And his mother got drunk and maudlin at his farewell dinner and started acting like he was off on a coffin ship, hopw terrible it was to have to see people leave their country, she was virtually singing emigration songs.

    And he was being sent business class, luxury car hire, four star hotel, the works...

  2. Just to further enforce my reputation for having useless knowledge...did you know that Guinness regardless of wherever it's brewed in Dublin. Ya see the fine people in James Gate get the factories from around the world to send over a sample of their water for their finest boffins to alter the concentrate so it not only tastes the same but can also be marketed as Irish.....

  3. Em, you went for a week, yeah?! I'm starting to think I got the wrong end of the stick altogether cos i just read the blog you posted on your own page before ya headed and from that the impression I got was that you were leaving family and friends to head off on a 5 year exploration trek across the Antarctic with nothing only the clothes on your back and a Husky for company!? or something along those lines. A week is no time at all! Think of it this way, when the kiddiewinkles are a bit older they'll think nothing of heading off for a few months or even a couple of years at a time and wont even think to ring you cos they'll be too busy having fun! Family is great like that in a way, they're always there even when they're not if you know what I mean. You're probably even on your way back as I type this but I hope you had lots of fun, I'm sure you did!! Hope ya took photos. Talk to ya soon!

  4. I live in Ireland and I do believe that if I had the money or opportunity or both to go somewhere else, I wouldn't miss this place one little bit.