Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr Pink is so withholding

For God's sake, Mr Pink, what have you bought? This better not be an anti climax! If it is, you'll have to go out and buy something better.

Were I to be rich all of a sudden, I would go out and buy opulent bed linen from Habitat - oriental type stuff to go with my curtains, in a deep colour.

I'm fantasising about huge, pristine, empty bedrooms again, with white fluffy carpeting, a giant, blissfully comfortable bed and new silky sheets, pillows and duvet. Silence. Sleeeeeeeep....


  1. Nice looking leaba. Don't get the Mr. Pink reference but I am reading through posts backwards.

  2. Was talking to him tonight. He's almost there. Doesn't want to jinx it and rightly so!