Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nice New Things

Butterscotch Digestives! Mmmm!

Newton Faulkner - was most intrigued when I saw the ad for his album - looked up his myspace the other night and encouraged my husband to do the myspace thing with him. So he sent an email saying he liked the music and asked for a support slot if NF comes to Dublin. Next day he opened the Star and saw that the album had got to number one! He had to write again and humbly apologise for being presumptuous as he didn't know how famous he was. Though that's sort of an insult too...

Anyway, I do love the look, the music, the homemade guitar. Thanks to MW for putting up the vid, I tried so hard to remember his name every time the ad came on, but time and again all I could think of was Loudon Wainright. Who is Loudon Wainright?


  1. Loudon Wainright the Third in fact...

    Some people are calling him the Old Newton Faulkner...

    For real information... click here

  2. Can you imagine how you'd feel if your father had written a 'breastfeeding ode' about you?:
    Rufus was the subject of two of Loudon's more famous songs, the breastfeeding ode "Rufus Is a Tit Man.

    Dear God!

  3. Hmmm, all the more funny because Rufus, all grown up now, is definitely NOT a tit man.

  4. I know I thought that when I read the comment! I actually love him too...another new thing for me!On my flight back from Boston one of the programmes you could pick was the Judy Garland gig he'd done! Excellent, the last hour of the journey (when I felt rotten) passed nicely!

  5. Saw a bit of it on Channel 4 the other night. He is a genius.