Friday, August 10, 2007

Ooo, I like it

Ah, that's better. Green again. It feels like being in Nude. Where's my bean burrito?

Speaking of town, my husband went in today to view expensive guitars with his singer, who is from Sallynoggin and in his early 20's. We both find it a conundrum that he and his friends NEVER went into town, but instead just did their business in Dun Laoghaire. Why???

Now I grew up in Newcastle, the arse end of the 84 bus route, and I went to town... my husband grew up in Bray and back before he met me and he lived at home and had a disposable income, he would go into town and come home with wonderful hauls of records, jewellery, warm memories of McDonald's, plecs, guitar magazines and so on.

But his friend never went (Fear? Loathing? Who knows?) - so today my husband had the joy of going into town with a mate to look at guitars (he bought a little leather bracelet from the stall at the bottom of Wicklow st, god bless him) for the first time in about 15 years, if not more, and his mate had a ball, and is in love with the city!

So last week I suggested they go to the Market Bar for their celebratory 'We have a manager who's going to make us famous' dinner, and aforementioned singer who only eats deep fried things with chips and who is afraid of real food, tasted everything and even dipped his bread in the mussel sauce! Then earlier this week he saw Withnail and I on sale for €3 and watched it for the first time (favourite moment: 'I fuck arses' - who fucks arses? Maybe he fucks arses! Maybe he wrote this in some moment of drunken sincerity!). And now he's been into town, is much impressed with Lush (I sent them on a deodorant buying errand, god knows when I'll get into town shopping again...) and has had a whole new world opened up to him.



  1. Withnail and I. What a great movie. When I was in my twenties I wanted to be Withnail. Now that I'm in my thirties I'd rather be Marwood.

  2. Just as long as you don't become monty in your 40s...

  3. If I hadn't jsut had a baby, I'd organise a 49£ viewing - but the thought of entertaining makes me quake with fear...
    I do have the remastered DVD though, in case soemone else wants to invite us all (and one baby) over? :)

  4. Don't worry JTM, the group get together e-mail is on the way :) May be slightly more exciting than sitting in someone's room making Camberwell Carrots and drinking the finest wines known to humanity.

    Tip of the hat to GB - "Marwood", eh? A true Withnail And I anorak you must be.