Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Respecting your Google Identity

Your google identity is something people need to be aware of and groom as necessary. It's the first image of you seen by strangers, employers, friends, family, etc. For a long time my identity was a hard working student, pro US-Iraq war. This is because back in mid Sep 2001 I signed a one-line electronic condolence book on for 911 victims and low and behold for years it was in the top three sites of my google ID and I hated it so eventually I contacted them and they deleted it. Then bebo became googlable and my ID became a civil servant and teenage wannabe pole dancer..

My sister is in a worse predicament. Years ago she signed a random petition on the street and now her name is associated with "Unity & Freedom" on "".

So beware fellow lima bean pickers. Your honour is at stake!

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  1. I have what I would have thought was a somewhat rare name and spelling but have to go to page 16 of a Google search to find myself.

    Some fucker in Oz who's an expert in human movement patterns has the monopoly on me identity.