Saturday, August 04, 2007

To post or not to post

So here I am, 11 days after the rollercoaster birth of my son, two unnecessary nights in hospital (except that I know have extensive proof that there is nothing at all crucially wrong with him, so I don't need to worry about any of his vitals for the moment, except for the three x-rays and gut full of antibiotics he's been given...).

Should I post? Are you interested in the fact that I seem to be only half a stone heavier than I was pre-pregnancy (whee! though my daughter did look at me wobbling my wobbly tummy and asked if there was another baby in there)? Is it fascinating that I'm changing the baby's clothes every three minutes as he's either pooing, puking or peeing on everything in sight (A whole new confounding hazard of The Willie - girls are simpler to change!)? Or that his fuzzy black Head of Hair (nope, no heartburn) is now going golden underneath and has lightened considerably already.

My midwife says to hold him, or put him in a sling - and then deja vu, my MIL comes into the room when I'm holding him and asks if I ever put him down-ha-ha-ha. Here we fucking go again - and it's just because she wants to hold him anyway.

Contact with the outside world is alarming when you've just had a baby - the husband and daughter are off to a gig on the Noggin Inn Gig Rig today and much as I'd love to be there, I'd rather be in bed, doing Suduko, reading silly novels and eating cake (without too much dairy, he's very colicky...).

Lists of entertainment I won't be attending stretches in front of me (some more important than others) - the husband is v busy this week - support in Scott's tonight, another Gig Rig gig tomorrow in Wicklow, as well as another gig in The Forge in Wicklow (anyone live in Wicklow?)
and more tragically, NIN and the Foo Fighters and Damien Rice in Marley Park. Sigh. I did bring my infant daughter to REM there but I spent the whole time worrying I was deafening her. And as I still have Frankenboobs the couch is an easier place to throw caution to the wind while feeding.

Enough of the post-natal babble. Thanks so much for the flowers and wishes everyone!


  1. Hey Jo, brilliant to read you back :) an heartily recommend Infacol for colic if you haven't tried it already. Works like magic.

    *ahem* Real men know these things.

  2. Aha, have already invested in the Daddy of probiotics, from Udo's... they'd better work, they cost about 25 quid!

    I'm having strange trouble with the comment box security info notice, it keeps popping up again and again so I can't comment.

    Is it trying to tell me something?

  3. Yes, yes. That if you disappear for long enough you lose your commenting priveliges. No excuses. Even babies.


  4. Right, so what would you like to hear about next? How the piles are doing?

  5. That will most definitely result in a loss of commenting priveliges ;)