Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Toast!

It is the solution to almost everything.

War, global warming, political corruption, personal problems, oh, and of course world hunger.

I think I might have a problem. Recently I've started making it with Superquinn white unsliced Danish bread. Kind of like a vienna roll except flourier and square. You cut it thick and butter it well and, genuinely, there are few things that can not be made better with it.

Actually, right now I'm thinking that this time would be much better spent making it instead of blogging about it.

It's also one of the few things I can cook well :)

Couldn't not put this on too


  1. Paul Young liked Toast so much he sang a song about it.

  2. Does "powdered toast" actually exist?

  3. I agree about toast - but I read the book by that journalist about the atkins Diet and carbohydrates. William someone, something with 'Fat' in the title - and he describes having toast fests and just wanting to eat it forever - carbohydrates make you hungry... so I try to avoid the addiction these says.

    for bread fests though, Superquinn do a gorgeous brown loaf, the rectangular one, not the square one. It's an eat-it-in-one-sitting sort of deal.

  4. Don't think so Pinky, it only exists in the Ren & Stimpy world. Anyone recognise the guy who does the voice of both and what he went on to do in later years?

  5. That would be Billy West aka Fry and I think Bender in "Futurama". Also voices characters in "Drawn Together" and "Queerduck" amongst others.