Sunday, August 26, 2007

Top Five Funeral Dittys!

OK Guys, shoot me...I love "High Fidelity", Nick Hornby showed me what went on inside the evil twisted minds of men (hey, at least I know..) So, an extremely old friend of mine bought me the book for a birthday present in my mid twenties (in fact I think he wrote something along the lines of, "here's what goes on in guys twisted minds", inside the cover). Then the film came where near as good as the book but it had John Cusack and Jack Black in it.....oh yum! Double yum!

So one of the things in the book (in case you haven't read it (heathen)!) was the "top five/ ten/ twenty/ best ever "B" sides/girl bands/songs to make love to etc. So my post tonight, trying to get a response from you guys (and maybe making you think of your own mortality) is, what would be your top five songs to be played at your funeral/memorial service/launch of your ashes into space?

I'll give you my five to get you started...also if they are here my hubby will have a handy reminder! You know my family are in the funeral business so I find this easy enough, sorry if i creep anyone out!

1. Beautiful South, Hold Me Close Underground

2.Fall out Boy, Thanks for the memories

3. Housemartins, Caravan of Love

4. BNL, What a Good boy

5. Tom Waits, Martha


  1. I can't listen to any of those (am getting broadband asap) one of mine would be Take me to the place Deacon Blue,

  2. I've said it before, mine is Beethoven's 9th symphony and if you insist on a song, any version of O Holy Night or something by Van Morrisson.

  3. Mine were so much fun to find they're in a seperate post above!

  4. thanks pip and Milan, I'm keeping a copy, so when one of you passes away, I'll bring out the list to harrass your families...joke!