Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Victoria Beckham rode my hamster.............

...........ok she didn't but she's after getting me into unmerciful trouble with the I.T department in work.

Bless me fellow bloggers for I have sinned it has been.....ah fuck it.

Was minding my own business going about my daily activities in work yesterday morning when I found an article about David Beckham and how his big move to the States is on the verge of going to the wall. Basically the fine soccer (not football) fans in the States are having difficulty getting their heads around the fact that the man is not quite as superhuman as initially believed and is susceptible to things such as ankle injuries which have ruled him out of all but 17mins of league football since he made the move over. I clicked on the story my computer nearly went into meltdown warning me about accessing adult content and how I had breached the terms of INSERT MAJOR IRISH ORGANISTION HERE's internet policy, there's was more pops up emerging than you'd see in back lane peep show. I even got an email from some I.T. gimp yesterday afternoon about clearing temporary internet files off the computer. If they could have lowered a neon sign over my desk with "HERE SITS A PERVERT" on it I think they probably would have.

The cause...a photo in the text of Victoria Skeletor Beckham, her baps in all their glory, in a dress that I'm sure Hector Greys are selling as a napkin. She can't sing, she can't act but by God she can convince a firewall that she's a porno. I really hate that woman.............



  1. What's WWRKD? That's a good article with Keano dissing the Wags making their footballers move to clubs near fancy shops. Didn't see the picture of Posh though, just as well.

  2. WWRKD - what would Roy Keane do, it's the model by which I've decided to live my life. Everytime a quandry presents itself I channel a moddy Corkman.

  3. I have seen the light. I think you should market WWRKD badges. Or even, call me revolutionary if you will, WWKD - what would Keano do?

  4. I have told about 5 people about WWRKD, and they all want badges