Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Welcome Home from Holiday Exile!

MW returns today! How lovely to see her back in the bosom of her loving family - anyone taking bets on how long it takes her to get pissed off* with them again?

** This is not a comment on Midge's family, but family life in general, you understand...


  1. We certainly missed her last night. She missed another rain storm, with thunder and lightning, as well as our crazy friend Aisha (who says bye, and she hopes to get to Ireland soon to meet the whole family, tho she might leave kidlets behind!)

  2. I'll bet a bottle of Citrus flavoured Fosters on half an hour!

  3. We had thunder, lightening and giant hailstones last night - global warming brings extreme weather to Ireland, no need to leave the country anymore - there were two twisters off the East Coast last weekend!