Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is this thing called ug?

Why is it that at 7am, after less than 6 hours sleep and having done a feed at 5 when he wouldn't settle last night (and my other one was causing chaos and refusing to sleep for no apparent reason) I now find myself up with my baby watching Hart To Hart on RTE 1 (the episode is called Slow Boat To Murder, I didn't think they actually had titles like that!) and not begrudging this fact for a minute?

All it takes is one little smile from his ill little face (nothing serious, just a bad snuffle in the nose, but enough to completely throw his patterns) and I melt. I'd walk over hot coals for him, never sleep again if I had to, jump in front of a moving car to protect him.

Is it conscious love or a trick of caveman biology designed to make sure parents take care of their babies no matter what?

A stinky nappy beckons. Did I mention that? You'll change their poo filled nappies a few times a day every day for years and not think a thing about it. My other, sleep refusing, one is now up and smiling at me as if we're all best friends again and the light of the world shines from daddy's head. Hassle last night? What hassle?

As it should be.

Soppy post but it is early and I am sleep deprived. All Creatures Great And Small is starting now. Have to get moving for the day - there are somethings I shouldn't have to endure for the little ones.


  1. It's not that try getting up at 4.30 and talking to a taxi driver on the way to work at that hour.

  2. Once Tiberius, back in the mists of time, I got up at 4 every morning for work with an 18 month old. Whatever you have, I can trump :)

  3. 1. Don't set challenges you can't win...

    2. I remember the earlies, you never stopped moaning.

    3. See point 2

  4. ah I remember the moaning....even though he went to bed at nine....but I'm sure you don't moan do you Tib?

  5. Do know else is really screwed up about parenting they barf up, now I mean when they are really sick not wind (parents will understand) and you can clean up without wretching spooky.

  6. I like this posting SL, nice and happy, apart from the early morning part.

  7. I wretch...I'm a crap speller I thought it was retch....

  8. Right on the money Shan, we don't barf no matter how horrible the poo, wee, barf. Must be hardwired into us somehow.

    I didn't claim I didn't moan Tib :)

    Milan, anything that deals with cheesy 80s tv and my kids is always happy!