Friday, September 28, 2007

An apology

I have been asked by Idiot to put this post up, at least it aint SL this time.

He is really really apologetic for not posting for an eternity and also for not commenting on the fantastic writing that you are all doing, he has a problem though, his computer is very very sick, some would say broken.

He hopes to post again very soon and misses us all so much.


  1. Fine, we don't mind! It's not like any of us took it personally....sniff! He didn't have to bash the computer into tiny little pieces to get away from the blog!

  2. There are those among us who'd be happy to try to fix it for Idiot... :)

  3. Shit I should have said that aint his computer, I am attempting to get him to bring it over to me to have a look at, looks like a power surge may have done some internal damage.

  4. Genuinely though, how many of us haven't fantasised of doing this to a PC or other piece of technology that was pissing us off?