Friday, September 14, 2007

Book reviews

Just to publicise another blog a friend of mine set up - Atlantic Book Chat - books we've read and enjoyed. Only three reviews so far, hopefully the posting posse will grow, or people other than me will read more!

I think reading is my favourite thing to do - my happiest place to be is lying on my bed reading and eating, a habit deeply entrenched in my childhood. These days I feel slightly guilty (yes I read Harry Potter in a day) as mothers should always have something more pressing to do, but I have an in-built need to read and once I'm engrossed in a book it seems to take precedence over lots of other mundane things, and some important ones, like paying attention to my children!

I love novels, women's writing I suppose, about characters, relationships, human motivation. That's why I'm an English teacher, nothing fascinates me more. But I'm also fond of trashy fiction, like Marian Keyes( who's becoming less trashy, and actually just her, the other Irish chic-lit writers don't' really do it for me) and, yes, I even have a love hate relationship with Jilly Cooper! And science fantasy wil always do it for me - give me a series of giant tomes with dragons on the cover and I'm happy as the proverbial pig.

I'm also being deeply entertained by Stargate Atlantis reruns from 9-11 in the morning on Sky at the moment (woo, maternity leave!). Gorgeous men, happy banter, good dialogue, evil life-sucking enemy creatures, a message preaching the innate moral, emotional and intellectual superiority of modern American democratic society (hee) - what more could a girl want?

I loved Stargate too but this is an excellent spin off. I'd like to add that to the list of box sets I'd buy. C'mon Eurolotto!


  1. I'm with you Jo, I've eaten books up with a spoon since I was a kid. Hardly get any time to these days (what with the constant blogging and all) and there's too much non-fiction but there you have it.

  2. Jm - I love Marian Keyes - and I don't mean her writing cause I've never got that far, but whenever she's been on Big Brother's Little Brother she's extremely entertaining. She wasn't on it this year and I was waiting for her everyday but she must have had other commitments.


    Marian Keyes' newsletter - like reading something between her books and her diary. You can sign up to get it. she was funny, said hse was v flattered they'd asked her to go on Celeb BB - turned itdown after much soul searching and was less impressed when they rang back to ask her husband if he'd go - clearly desperate!

    I think she's just fininshing a novel.