Friday, September 28, 2007

Husband flu strikes again

I have a dilemma - the husband is crashed out in bed, after sleeping for ten and a half hours last night, two this afternoon while I was out, the baby slept and my poor daughter amused herself! and he went back to bed about 5. Methinks he must be ill.

But given his comatose state, I'd better not pop out to get the Euro lotto - 130 million tonight!! Of course I wouldn't win it and it would be a waste of money and a trip out , but part of me keeps thinking, but what if tonight's the night!?
Ok, this was weird - I was looking for a better picture and I put in 'euro lotto money mountain' - and bizarrely, on the first page it linked to our blog, with my post with the Cinderella picture, with the tag line 'you've all gone out, you bastards... ???? Why??


  1. Perhaps he has sleepy sickness? I'm ill out from work today and still spent all day non-stop til 9pm rearranging every room in the house. No joke.

    It's terrible but no matter how cynical I am about anyone's chances of winning the Euromillions I always get roped in. It was yer wan from Limerick winning it and the weeks of "if I'd won that here's what I could do" nonsense that came after.

  2. It's not cynicism, statistically you'e a fractional chance - and yet, and yet - yer wan in Limerick etc. Someone wins it most weeks, statistics must lie!!

  3. Time for asprin for the hubby? maybe he has a tempature? That can knock you out!

  4. I get scared thinking about winning big lottos. It means you have no choice but to change your life totally. You can't be low key. Everyone you ever chanced across will be scabbing you for cash; your immediate family will be under threat of kidnap; you'd have to move house; there'd be no anonymity. Who would want that??

  5. Couldn't you keep it secret? Dolorous whatsername discovered hers in the pub - first mistake, I think!