Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm back....hopefully with a vengance...

Hello everyone!!!

My little honey has set me up with her laptop which she hasn't used since finishing college so I am back up and running.

Having no PC has been very weird. I saw daylight which was particularly scary... But in seriousness it is kinda like a mobile phone. It is something that you have just gotten very used to having. Its only when it is absent that you truly miss it. Like waking up and having no can do without for a bit, but the fact that you have none makes you wan one all the more.

So I missed the big shindig in SL's gaf... I am annoyed that I missed it but it was for good reason. It was my little chickys birthday.So a bunch of us had a lovely meal in cactus jacks and shit loads of booze in the viper rooms. Great night but sore head this morning.

So I really need to catch you guys up on a month and mores events in the life an idiot, which I will endeavour to do over the next few days.

Since I missed the party I would like to put forward he idea of another one as soon as possible. Well that's it from me.......Now I just have to read a fuck load of posts before sleep.