Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've lost my keys...

...in my house. Somewhere downstairs.

The other day my daughter asked me what the key box was for, the one on the wall inside the door. And I shamefacedly explained it was for putting your keys in so you didn't lose them. Every trip out of the house is preceded by a mini-panic while I search for them. This time they're not turning up, I had to ask my mother in law to bring my daughter to school, and pick her up again!

And I was meant to be going in to the passport office to give in my kids' applications so we can go on holiday. ARG!!

That knitting needle never turned up either...


  1. I hate that. It's Murphy's law that you find them after getting a new set. Funnily enough, although its bad when you look for something that's in your hand, like a pen - at least you find it eventually.

    I don't like loss.

  2. They'd fallen into the open drawer on the chest in the hall I often throw the keys onto. My husband had looked htere but missed them as they'd fallen down beside the papers. God, the sound of the jingle when he found them was music to our ears!