Wednesday, September 12, 2007

word verification

Word verification is driving me insane! It may soon drive me away, and I shall comment no more, on anywhere. For some reason all the 'words' I'm given these days are very long, and they tax my tired eyes, especially those ones with italic letters I can't actually read.

And more often than not I type them in wrong, and I have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. ARG GRR.

Please explain the value of this penance and I might feel better about doing it.
Finally I followed a funny picture link and got this amusing blog post from some other blog, and thought I'd share:


  1. Oops, thought the picture was a joke and thought it said 'myopic'. And as that is fnny in itself, I will leave it and not exchange it for the one with all the pretty coloured words.

    Irony trumps aesthetics today.

  2. The only reason I have it on JTM is to stop the spammers. If there's sufficient will I can switch it off for a while and we can take our chances with the peddlers of penis enlargement pills and stock tips.

  3. People spam blogs? What a terrible world we live in!

  4. I hate the ones that have a mixture of colours and the letters overlapping.

    It's like psychedelic dyslexia come home to roost

  5. You have such amazing blog power oh Overlord.

  6. Oh shush. I've switched it off for the moment but the minute I start seeing comments about penis enlargement (saving those from all of us of course!) and where to get cheap pills it goes back up.

  7. Captchas as these things are known are in fact essential to any blog, I have had to place one on my site since the spam bots generally attempt to comment on my page over 200 times a day.

    Basically their purpose is to prove you are a human and not some program writing random shit all over the place.

    If you are logged into your account Jo, then you will not be requested to enter a captcha on this site, or at least the last time I checked it was not necessary.

    The problem with the spammers is they can slow down the site and also cause a serious headache for SL, since he would have to be deleting them as they come in which can be every few minutes.

    I agree though I hate them but they do work and as such think they should be left on in order to combat the tossers making money from spam.